Creativity Today in Los Angeles: Poster Art and Trash Art by Diana Rivera

I was thinking about that song from the 90’s by Missing Persons, “Nobody Walks in LA.” The song is essentially about how nobody does walk in LA and how ironic it is when even teenagers and cops don’t. Having grown up this side of the pond, I used to agree with the punky thrasher lyrics, but nowadays I have seen some real shifts in its transportation culture, street culture and therefore urban art culture. Uniquely and not quite ironically, the city is bursting with little nooks and crannies of artist expression in little back alleys, corner store holes and underneath cars. You have to have an eye toward the the less obvious ways that creativity presents itself in our culture.

That’s when I enter the stage with my evidence of creativity photos and Creativity Today web-series. Here’s a couple of examples of creativity that I have seen as of recent.

Shepard Fairey’s poster designs on Sunset Blvd:

This one was next to his studio in the Echo Park neighborhood and shows the multidimensional strength of Lance Armstrong. This could have been a hard one to spot if one was speeding up Sunset Blvd.

The second photo is of another poster art design I spotted in Downtown LA. The once decrepit sector of LA, has been experiencing a renaissance in neighborhoods like the Barker Block district where on one brick wall, I found another Fairey bombing of an artist warrior of sorts and a contrasting piece on hope. Inspiring for a neighborhood that has struggled with hope.

The third photo is a piece of trash. Yes indeed, trash on the street has meaning and this one was quite delightful. As I was walking in Silverlake, I was crossing a street to notice a shredded piece of paper for priority admission to a Tim Burton film. Check out the imagery though: a tilted staircase with a forlorn fellow walking up the stairs.

The last evidence of creativity is a collage image on a trash can. Check out my video:

Points to ponder:

Have you been out of your car and noticed the evidence of creativity around you?

How might you contribute to the everyday creativity on the streets?

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  1. Great Blog, I always wondered who the artists were thank you for giving me their names. I am glad they are not going unnoticed. I am from NYC, used to walk everywhere now I only take my car. Thank you for reminding me I need to get out and walk, pay attention, and be inspired. xo

    • Thank you for reading Laura! I love the comment you made because there is so much missed in LA because of the cars that is not in, say, NYC! Looking forward to checking out your blog too!!!

  2. These little evidence of creativity things that you ponder over always make me laugh, and they always inspire me. You point out a lot of ideas that come up in coincidences, dreams and our imagination that I don’t notice.

  3. Thanks Diana, there is so much that can and will inspire wonder and inspire contemplation on the everyday. Your images are wonderful.

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