Lennon, Ono, the Creative Frequency and the Big Message by Diana Rivera

John Lennon, Yoko Ono and a group of creative professionals in a 10-week program called the Creative Frequency relate more than just in my imagination. Firstly, a couple things you should know about me as the writer of this blog: I love to blow bubbles into thin air and admire the colors; I also love playing scrabble and patterning words to other words, instinctually. This is all to say, I like to make rippling connections between experiences that bubble to surface and than heat into a relationship where words are needed to simmer  it down.

This past Saturday I  ended a 10 week series that I had carefully constructed a year before. The purpose was to bring together a variety of creative professionals from a variety of creative fields (performance, art, design, music). We focused on empowerment of creative aptitude to the skills and strategies of creating a final product. We came together that day so everyone could present for 30 minutes their final outcome. We ate, we talked, we laughed, some of us even cried. One of the participants even skyped in from NYC. It was, like the title of the project intended, a frequency of high creative energy bubbling between us. In one moment, it dawned on me like a spectrum of color that the imagination is capable of creating anything.

This is where Lennon and Ono enter upstage. Driving through Hollywood, I noticed this huge wall poster that had been pasted to a cement wall. It was of Lennon, Ono and a sweet dog. Although the image had been rained on, I could see their figure a block away. I knew they were there to connect the frequency of energy and spectrum of revelations with one triangulating message that Lennon and Ono had written in the poster, “All you need is Love.” This was their 5 word pattern message as a united, creative duo. It was simple, and in that simplicity penetrated internationally and inter-generationally, making me ask myself on my ride home: what is your message to the world?

One of my messages is the belief that the imagination exists and it is the key to our individual and collective future. I had felt it with the group that day and I knew it by heart. Then, a flash: the sound of the song “Imagine”  arrived, twirling into clarity of gesture. The lyrics laid themselves before me. Whatever you can in your greatest vision imagine is only half of what is possible, but that half you are fully responsible in creating.

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